YMWhatsApp’s long-awaited voice conference call is finally here

YMWhatsApp’s long-awaited voice conference call is finally here

We have some great news to share with our YMWhatsApp family! We just launched a voice conference call! All YMWhatsApp Messenger users can now make free voice group calls with up to 4 people! You can now chat with your friends, colleagues, colleagues, family members living abroad through YMWhatsApp’s high-quality voice conference calls.

YMWhatsApp's long-awaited voice conference call is finally here

Support work from home programs

Given the current situation with COVID-19, to facilitate communication, a voice conference call with up to 4 participants was initiated. With many people working remotely or staying at home in response to the pandemic, voice conference calls will help people communicate freely again. Although the number of participants was only 4, it is expected to increase further in the near future with the addition of video conference calls.

YMWhatsApp users love the quality of our voice calls
What sets us apart from other messaging apps is that we have the highest quality voice calls and our users love it! Even if you are connected to an overloaded internet or a poor/slow internet connection, your voice calls will not be interrupted while using YMWhatsApp Messenger. That’s why group voice calls are made

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, most of us are engaged in work-from-home initiatives. So, to play our part in further preventing the spread of COVID-19, we’re introducing a conference call option to allow everyone to stay connected virtually while staying safe and healthy.

Gegham Azatyan, CEO of YMWhatsApp Safe Messenger

How to Use YMWhatsApp Messenger for Voice Conference Calls

Step 1 – Go to the chat section and click on the plus icon in the bottom right corner.
Step 2 – Select the contacts you want to join the group call
Step 3 – Click on the check mark icon in the lower right corner
Step 4 – Create Group Name and Write Group Description
Step 5 – When done, click Create Group Chat
Step 6 – Click the call button in the upper right corner to make a group call
Step 7 – Enjoy your group call

YMWhatsApp Messenger Values ​​and Features

People’s data and information are safe and never stored or sold
Always secure and data fully encrypted
Do more with less
YMWhatsApp is a small app that uses minimal storage space and data on your phone
Reduce battery usage by up to 40%

YMWhatsApp's long-awaited voice conference call is finally here

Communication is the key
Support offline calling, so you can stay connected anytime, anywhere
Can send files of all types and sizes
Provides clear voice call quality and HD video chat
A world without borders is a better world
Ability to connect people no matter where they are
Unlike other VoIP applications, it can overcome call blocking
Works smoothly on weaker internet connections like 2G and slow Wi-Fi
A virtual number lets you easily get a local number in another country, so your overseas clients or friends can reach you

Express yourself freely, knowing that all your communications are private
Try the YMWhatsApp public channel to network and share your creative content or lifestyle

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