YMWhatsApp call chat software

YMWhatsApp call chat software

YMWhatsApp is a multimedia instant messaging product integrating text, voice, video and data. It includes text instant messaging sending and receiving, single-person voice and video communication, multi-person voice and video communication, file transfer, screen transfer, 10-person Chat rooms, large transfer chat rooms and other multimedia instant messaging functions.

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Through continuous system optimization in video capture, playback, encoding and decoding, and transmission control, YMWhatsApp can transmit clear voice calls in narrowband 64K, simultaneously transmit voice and video data in ISDN128K bandwidth, and conduct 10-person chat rooms and large-scale transfer in ADSL512K bandwidth. Chat rooms, video conferences and multi-person video and voice entertainment.

YMWhatsApp call chat software

At the same time, YMWhatsApp unique firewall penetration technology enables users to instantly send and receive messages, files, and point-to-point voice and video communications, and ensure an efficient connectivity.

Introduction to the new features of YMWhatsApp:

1. Ten people chat room, ten people voice and video chat, chat is cool, watch a lot!

2. Hundreds of people chat room, watch song and dance performances, be your own DJ, and support video chat with 6 users at the same time.

3. Unique firewall penetration technology to ensure efficient connectivity.

4. Voice and video connection port mapping processing.

5. Strengthened the management authority of the 100-person chat room (50 administrators can be set, and functions such as canceling the wheat sequence and knocking on the door to enter) have been added.

6. The singing and speaking modes can be set directly on the panel in the large room.

7. Improve the software BUG of the old version and enhance the system stability.

8. Enhance the defense against hackers and chat room bombs.

9. Large room users can block text public chat and text private chat

10. You can set two speech modes: microphone speech and mixing speech.

11. Launch YMWhatsApp forum.

12. Launched the YMWhatsApp web communication center.

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