What is the difference between JTWhatsApp and texting?

What is the difference between JTWhatsApp and texting?


It works similarly to text messages, but with one key difference – the information is sent over the internet, not over the phone network. This means you can send messages for free even if you attach a photo, video or audio file.

SMS is an old communication method with limited functions, generally limited to text, and each SMS will generate corresponding SMS charges;

What is the difference between JTWhatsApp and texting?

JTWhatsApp can use various functions such as text, voice, pictures, and photos, and only generates GPRS traffic during the use.

The homepage of JTWhatsApp is very simple. The left side is the contacts of recent chats. When you click on the avatar, it only has office functions such as Weiyun, schedule, collection, and mailbox. There are no other entertainment functions, and the main function is cloud space.

The main interface of SMS does not have many functions. Simply send the message.

The chat interface of JTWhatsApp also has many functions, such as JTWhatsApp show, playing games together, sending gifts, level PK, etc., which should be very entertaining.

The chat interface of JTWhatsApp is very simple, there are no superfluous things, and the application list is also biased towards office work. The biggest new features are cloud space and faster transmission speed.

What is the difference between JTWhatsApp and texting?

Can’t send JTWhatsApp messages from your phone?

The phone can’t send or receive JTWhatsApp messages

First open the phone that cannot send or receive JTWhatsApp messages, and then click to open “Settings” on the first interface.

Go to settings, find the option “JTWhatsApp information” and click to open it.

After entering the JTWhatsApp information window, we click to close the “Send and receive JTWhatsApp information” option below.

After turning off the option to send and receive JTWhatsApp messages, we click again to restart it.

If you can’t send and receive JTWhatsApp messages normally, then we will find the “General” item in the settings option and enter it.

Go to the general options, we click on “Restore” at the bottom of it.

Finally, in the reset settings interface, click the “Restore network settings” item, and then we try to send and receive a JTWhatsApp message to see if it is successful.