WeChat computer version chat aap

WeChat computer version chat aap



WeChat, a cross-platform communication tool. It supports single and multi-person participation, and can send voice, picture, video and text information through the network, making online communication more convenient. The WeChat computer version client is similar to the mobile APP. It is not only easy to operate, but also has a very simple page without advertisements. At the same time, it supports the use of small programs, and the game chat is correct!

Software features:

1. Added video account function to support users to explore their favorite videos and live broadcasts on the computer.

WeChat video account is a new function module developed by WeChat, which is used to develop new forms of self-media. Previously, it was only supported on mobile phone WeChat. In the latest version of WeChat computer version, click the video account icon in the left function bar, you can Open the video number window.

2. The group chat folding function makes the message window more concise and the group chat search more convenient.

Supports the folding of sticky chat and DND group chat. The collapsed sticky chat will be included in the sticky chat option, and the DND group chat will be included in the “folded group chat” option.

Software screenshots: 

WeChat computer version software features

Chatting freely: WeChat PC version supports quick input on the computer keyboard, and a pop-up reminder will pop up immediately when you receive a message, so you don’t miss any message.

Ease of use: Quickly initiate conversations and send documents to make communication more convenient.

Safe and secure: You can only log in with your mobile phone WeChat scan code, and the login prompt can further ensure the security of your account.

Voice message: Supports sending voice messages, and supports automatic conversion of continuous unread voices to text, which is convenient for users who cannot listen to voices to view.

Privacy protection: You can hide the contact list, and use it in public places without worrying about chat messages being stolen.

More data saving: 30 megabits of data can send thousands of voice messages, so you don’t have to worry about running out of data.

Video chat: Voice chat is not enough, you can also start video chat directly and communicate face-to-face with friends.

Comments and likes: share daily life in the circle of friends, receive comments and likes from friends, you can also select the visible group in the circle of friends, and block private content with one click.

WeChat computer version installation steps:

1. Download the WeChat installation package on this site, double-click the installation package, and click to install WeChat. It is recommended to use “dl25 safe installation”, which is more secure to use.

How to use WeChat computer version

How to add friends on WeChat PC version?

On the PC version of WeChat, it is not yet possible to add new friends by searching for user names or phone numbers, but if there is a new friend application, the user can open the new friend column in the address book and choose to add a friend through a friend application. new friends.

How do I log in to two WeChats on the computer?

On the computer desktop, use the mouse to select the WeChat icon, and then click the Enter key twice to open two WeChat login interfaces. After that, scan the QR code with two WeChat accounts on your mobile phone to log in to the two WeChat accounts.

WeChat computer version chat software Q&A:
What types of messages can WeChat PC version send and receive?

Send message type:

Through the WeChat client, you can send text, default emoji, symbol emoji, animated emoji (Tusky emoji), screenshots, and picture messages, and can synchronize and send the emoji you have saved on your phone.

Receive message type:

1. You can receive text, default expressions, emoji expressions, animated expressions, pictures, files, voice, video, public account messages, business card type messages, small videos, geographic location messages, transfer messages, and merged forwarded chat log messages;

2. The types of messages that cannot be viewed: red envelope messages, AA payment messages (if you receive such messages, you will be prompted to view them on your mobile phone).

Send file limit:

1. Through the WeChat client, the file size cannot exceed 100M, and you can select up to 10 files to send at the same time;

2. The video should not exceed 25M:

WeChat computer version desktop to view the favorites?

View collections:

The new favorite function of WeChat, after logging in to Windows WeChat -> click the “Favorite” function button on the left side of WeChat. Click on the collection to watch it at any time, and you can also create notes and synchronize with the collection on the mobile phone.

Create a note:

After logging in to WeChat for Windows -> click the “Favorites” icon on the left side of WeChat -> click the [+] above to create a new note.


WeChat is a national chat tool officially launched by Tencent. In addition to chatting and transferring files, the most commonly used ones are payment and red envelopes. However, in the computer version of WeChat, you cannot receive red envelopes at present, you can only receive them on WeChat on your mobile phone.