WAPWhatsApp Online Dating Software

WAPWhatsApp Online Dating Software

WAPWhatsApp is a very popular online dating software. It gathers a large number of single young men and women, supports online sweet interaction, all adopt the real-name system, you can make friends safely and quickly, and you can quickly get rid of singleness. Interested friends are welcome to download!

Application introduction:

WAPWhatsApp is one of the popular Whatsapp mods such as GBWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp and OGWhatsApp, which is defined by managing many important details including privacy and file sending. Many brave android developers of WAPWhatsApp update this mod by releasing new versions with various modifications and features.


WAPWhatsApp is a very interesting example of a mod because although North American organizations publish a betting mod, its development is not based on stable releases like most mods. Therefore, it uses specific functionality that is not included in the implementation.

WAPWhatsApp is considered 100% safe and secure considering security and privacy. Don’t worry about harmful viruses harming your device. It has no malware. Furthermore, the app carefully handles all international legal issues. So that users will not face any problems.

App features:

[Video first, date later] It is both real and beautiful, both high-quality and efficient. Video chat first and then meet up, the credibility is higher, and it feels real and cordial.

[High face value, many real people] AI face technology recognizes real people and refuses to cheat; the system scores the face value, and gathers the most beautiful women and handsome guys in the whole network.

[Nearby chat, efficient appointment] Recommend the same city and nearby opposite sex according to distance, quickly strike up a conversation, match the connection success rate is high, and the dating efficiency is high.

[Video and voice available] The longer the video and voice time is, the higher the intimacy will be. Whether it is off the list or making friends, it is only for the sake of quick appearance.

App Features:

1. Real friends: AI face recognition, rejecting machines and cheating. Every new user needs to pass the system initial review + manual review, double review to create a real stranger dating platform

2. Face value guarantee: The system scores the face value of real photos, and the score determines the face value. Here, the whole network is gathering beautiful MM and handsome GG, if you are a face control, you can’t go wrong with WAPWhatsApp

3. Strength guarantee: good-looking skins are the same, interesting souls are one in a thousand

4. Combo like: When you see the right eye, compare your heart. The combo expresses your liking. The more combos, the deeper the like

5. Video chat: One-to-one live video experience, not only hear their voices, but also see their people. More real than text chat, closer than voice chat

6. Nearby friends: Recommend nearby and same-sex opposite sex based on location and distance. If you have a good impression of each other, first make a video blind date to build trust, and then make an offline meeting, which is easy and natural

Application highlights:

1. Eating chicken is too boring, it’s boring to watch videos all the time, and staying up late is too hurtful

2. Being single for too long is easy to become addicted. When you meet a heart-warming TA, come to a warm love

3. Here, there are both interesting souls, exquisite skins, and your TA

4. A good-looking young lady, a powerful little brother, accompany you to be poetic and picturesque, to accompany you to fight the sword, to accompany you to tell your heart

5. Recommend the same city and the opposite sex nearby by distance, chat up quickly, have a high success rate of matching connections, and high efficiency in dating and making friends

6. The longer the video and voice time, the higher the intimacy. Whether it is off the list or making friends, it is only for the sake of fast running.

Application advantages:

1. The platform has strictly reviewed the photos and information of users, creating a real and reliable communication environment for everyone, rejecting fake photos and robots

2. The WAPWhatsApp Fanyou app can rate user photos. Do you want to see how many points you can get for your appearance? Come and download it and try it out.

3. You can video chat with the object of your heart, interact face-to-face with zero distance, and get to know each other better

4. The WAPWhatsApp Fanyou app provides users with many opportunities to make friends, help you expand your social circle, and bring you to meet the person who has the same soul as you

update content:

1. Added girl activity level

2. Added the function of meeting girls

3. New style setting module for girls

4. Added preference module for boys

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