TorChat Anonymous chat software

TorChat Anonymous chat software

TorChat is a small program that implements peer-to-peer chat through Tor’s hidden service (not related to qtor). Peer-to-peer chat, content is not monitored or filtered by third-party software. Tor can encrypt chat content, and Tor hiding services can hide the user’s IP.

TorChat chat software

TorChat chat apk download information:

  • Language: Simplified
  • Update: 2020-11-16
  • Version:7.356.1
  • Rating: 9
  • Size: 7 MB

Software function

1 Cancel chat history
Advantages: When the window is closed, the content disappears permanently, and the confidentiality is strong
Cons: not documented
2 Use hidden services
Advantages: hide IP, protect privacy
Disadvantage: The first time online after startup is slow, and the torChat configuration in the qTor download will take 5-10 minutes to go online after improvement.
3 Peer-to-peer chat
Advantages: No third-party clear text transfer, no monitoring or filtering, no server downtime
Disadvantage: Can’t leave a message, torChat can only wait for the other party to be offline and automatically re-send the message
4 Portable version
Advantages: easy to use
Disadvantage: The torChat directory contains the identity key of the user’s hidden service, and the identity may be stolen after others obtain it.

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TorChat chat software

Software Features

TorChat is a p2p chat tool with a very simple interface.
software description
The compressed package in the qTor download does not contain any key, and it is automatically generated when the user starts it for the first time; when using torChat outside, please put it in the U disk and run it directly without copying it. When introducing others to use, give them the download URL of torChat.