The same table party app social software

The same table party app social software

The official version of the same table party app is an excellent social game software. Easy and fun games, perfect to meet more friends, interesting game content, fashionable dress up, hundreds of games to choose from, rich game gifts, perfect games!

The official genuine introduction of the same table party:

▼Game circle, a circle to share experiences together

▼Grab gift packs to win phone bills, game packs are readily available, and points can be exchanged for recharge cards

▼Look for games, millions of games are available in one search

▼Play games and download games to earn points, which can be exchanged for beautiful gifts such as recharge cards and dolls.

▼ Aggregate installed games, facilitate management, and receive game gift packs.

▼ Download all the latest games and play all the popular games.

Software Highlights:

1. Play games and do tasks to easily earn cash rewards

2. Easily earn gold coins and exchange for all kinds of physical prizes

3. A selection of a large number of popular fun and fun mini games

4. Instant play without any download or login

Software Features:

【Fashion Dress Up】

Thousands of dresses can be matched as you like, making you a versatile celebrity in the party

【casual games】

Play chess, eliminate, and play with hundreds of classic mini-games

【Tell me about the square】

The novel developments nearby and interesting people around you are all here, and wonderful topics satisfy your desire for expression

【Online Party】

Create your own themed party room with one click, connect to the microphone with real-time voice, and quickly join a friend’s party.

【Party Game】

A variety of classic party games – I say you guess, sing lyrics, truth or dare, 2265 makes your Lianmai interaction without embarrassment, and the party is hot and hilarious