textPlus free communication software

textPlus free communication software

SMS community (textplus apk is a foreign communication software that allows users to send text messages for free, very similar to the familiar WeChat.

YMWhatsApp call chat software

textPlus is compatible with iOS, Android and Symbian platforms, so as to achieve interoperability between different devices and create an easy-to-operate call environment.

Function Description:

textPlus free communication software

textPlus is perfect for:

– Free text/SMS to any US or Canadian mobile number

– More than just free mobile text messages. Get cheap domestic and international calls

– new! Set ‘N Forget Monthly Subscription: Unlimited Talking for $2.99 ​​(US & Canada). Limited time price

– Free text messages and free calls to 70 million other textPlus users around the world. best free messenger

With textPlus, you can do more:

– Turn your tablet to the phone. SMS/SMS and calls to your tablet, phone and WiFi devices

– Wireless texting and calling

– Travel worry-free cheap calls so you never have to face expensive carrier plans or bill surprises

– Free text/SMS back to the US or Canada when traveling abroad

– Group SMS/SMS

– Save tons of money on your cell phone plan

Your global mobile phone. Free and cheap calls anywhere in the world:

– Just wireless HD quality phone calls. Always works on a 3G or 4G connection, too

– Save up to 98% on international calls with major carriers and other calling services

– No upfront costs, contracts or hidden fees

On one of the screens of all textPlus accounts:

– Your textPlus inbox lives in the cloud so your texts/SMS and phone calls are always in sync

– Mobile calls and texts on any device

Description: This app comes with some ads. If you don’t like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them. There’s even now an option to watch videos to earn free points and exchange those points to remove ads.

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  • hb3

    2022.8.26 07:08

    Can no longer be used on two devices. I’ve loved this app over the years, spent a lot of money on stickers and themes, and got used to switching seamlessly between the PC and mobile versions. Now I have LINE on my phone and tablet. Still only two devices, but when I try to chat on the tablet, the app refuses to work.