Tencent RTX enterprise chat tool

Tencent RTX enterprise chat tool

Introduction to Tencent RTX software:

Tencent RTX (RealTimeeXpert) is an enterprise-level real-time communication platform launched by Tencent, which can help internal personnel to conduct daily communication, and provide functions such as file transfer, direct voice conversation or video. RTX integrates a wealth of communication methods, including text conversation, voice/video communication, mobile phone short messages, file transfer, IP telephony, web conferencing, and remote collaboration methods such as application sharing and electronic whiteboard to help users communicate more conveniently.

Installation Notes:

1. rtxserver2015formal.exe RTX server installer.

2. rtxclient2015formal.exe RTX client installer.

3. rtxcentersvr2015formal.exe RTX center server installer, only need to be installed for enterprise cluster deployment.