Teamwork Chat instant messaging software

Teamwork Chat instant messaging software

The teamwork instant messaging software is an efficient and collaborative office app. It applies a lot of office functions, and can conduct video chat conferences, as well as send emails and other practical functions.

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The office information can be sent in the teamwork, which is simple and fast, and effectively improves the efficiency of the office. The interface design is simple and beautiful, and the user is very convenient to operate.

Teamwork introduction:

Teamwork Chat instant messaging software

IM communication, audio and video conferencing, task collaboration, work reporting, etc.; provide a unified collaborative office experience, currently only open to enterprise users.

Feature Highlights:

With cross-organization and cross-enterprise connection capabilities, it supports information and business access within the industry chain.

With the external enterprise number configuration management of the enterprise, support for registration means that it has the ability to connect with customer service.

Collaborate with you and me to connect individuals, companies and individuals, companies and external customers, and a communication connection platform between companies.

Supplemented by connection and collaboration, open business collaboration is the mainstay, realizing a platform portal entry, supporting one-click access to all businesses inside and outside the industry.

Teamwork Features:

Digital collaborative office internal product, a product for the purpose of simplifying the work process and digitizing the work content electronically.

It can be widely used in many industries such as finance, education, retail, logistics, real estate, government and institutions.

It can provide users with convenient, efficient, safe and stable electronic signing and data storage technology services.

Platform advantages:

1. Mall purchasing service

2. User social activities

3. User life service

4. Park information release

5. Smart property services

6. Enterprise non-core business outsourcing services