Ruliu Chat Tool

Ruliu Chat Tool

Ruliu (formerly Baidu Hi) is a new generation of intelligent work platform under Baidu. With knowledge management as the core, it builds a work pipeline in the AI ​​era, helps enterprises achieve efficiency improvement and innovation, and empowers enterprises to build core competitiveness in the era of intelligent economy.

It is small in size, simple in design, and insulated from advertisements without any harassment. In addition to the main functions of mainstream IM software such as instant conversation, grouping, skin-changing, emoticon, splash screen, etc., the biggest feature is the integration and seamless connection with Baidu’s various community products such as Space, Post Bar, Encyclopedia, and Know.

Community dynamic system message reminder, one-click chat with other users, and offline user message function will bring you a more intimate and comprehensive experience. It combines the powerful advantages of Baidu search service, and the keyword-based one-click search service on the main panel makes search and communication more convenient and fast.

Ruflow software features:
1. Subscribe and follow the post bar, and you will know the new post

2. Personal image DIY, Baidu show personality

3. Follow star trends and follow up online

4. Celebrity information subscription, full control of idol information

5. Star ringtone prompt, star voice zero distance

6. Fan-exclusive label, function experience is smoother

7. Quick reply to chat, flash reply to common sentences

8. New interface manager, custom panel plugin

9. Group member search, quickly locate group members

10. Baifubao plug-in, quickly enter Baifubao

11. Yes, product links, support automatic identification