RocketChat Live Chat Software Download

RocketChat Live Chat Software Download

RocketChat Live Chat is a chat service software developed in JavaScript using a full stack framework, RocketChat is one of the feature-rich open source alternatives to communicate and collaborate with your team, share files, chat in real time, or switch to video/audio conferencing.

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Rocket introduction:

RocketChat Live Chat Software Download

Rocket is a free Mac app that makes emoji typing faster and easier with Slack-style shortcuts.

Just start typing an emoji like :thumbsup: (👍) and Rocket will help autocomplete it – in any app!

Additionally, with Rocket Pro, you can add gifs, clips, and symbols to Rocket shortcuts.

Software features:

The fastest and smoothest Slack-style emoji picker for Mac

Access each emoji through the shortcuts window

Choose your favorite skin tone

light and dark themes

Software features:

Scroll through each emoji in the Search and Browse window

Send and store gifs, images and memes with Rocket

Set custom emoji shortcuts and add your own emoji

Add text expansion snippets to Rocket

See your very, very important emoji stats