RishtaPak Social software download

RishtaPak Social software download

RishtaPak, a very warm anonymous social platform, can provide you with a variety of chat methods. You can match and chat on the software, and you can also participate in discussions in various chat rooms, and you can also find a perfect tree hole here. The space can vent out the inner dissatisfaction, and you can also share the happy and happy moments every day here.

RishtaPak Social software download

RishtaPak is a social platform focusing on psychological healing and emotional companionship. You can use it as a dating platform for strangers, a private space to record your mood, or a habitat for your soul.

Maybe you have a lot of secrets, pressures, troubles, and persistence that you have nowhere to talk about. You can express it freely without any burdens and constraints, whether you are happy or unhappy.

Download information:

  • Version:1.9
  • Updated on:Jul 29, 2022
  • Requires Android:4.1 and up
  • Downloads:100,000+ downloads
  • Content rating:Rated for 18+ Learn more
  • Permissions:View details
  • Interactive elements:Users Interact
  • Released on:Sep 8, 2021
  • Offered by:Rishta Pak
  • Download link:RishtaPak apk download

RishtaPak Features:

1 Wish Plaza, publish your wish and let your partner realize it for you~

2. Group chat party, carnival of a group of people ~ Come and join various interesting and active fan groups!

3. Healing easter eggs, there are many hidden healing functions, come and discover the healing little eggs customized for you!

4. Healing community, super interactive, satisfy your desire to share, record every interesting little thing in life, and post the news that the circle of friends does not dare to post here

5. Customize your avatar, use your brain, pinch an avatar that is exclusive to you, and add new members to the big family!

RishtaPak Highlights:

1. The cleanest healing community, enjoy the purest social experience

2. Experience the most fun, warmest way to chat, someone to accompany you when you are lonely

3. Common choice of more than one million users, more than 70% of users are female users

RishtaPak software features:

1. When you are lonely, stressed or troubled and want to talk to someone, he will give you warm support

2. Seek professional spiritual comfort and psychological healing, he will give you encouragement in Chinese

3. Reserve a place to record your true emotions, he will give you the perfect hiding place.

4. Find company alone, or have a carnival with a group of people. Many chats are waiting for you

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