piepie same city dating software

piepie same city dating software

The 2022 version of Paipai is a chatting and dating software in the same city. Not only can you meet more friends in the same city, but you can also receive generous gift packages. This is the most popular way to communicate nowadays. Welcome to download and experience!

Every day, millions of single men and women seek marriage online, which is the best choice for you to get rid of singleness and find love. Perfect real-name authentication mechanism, blind date is more secure, and friendship is safer. It is China’s first large-scale marriage and dating website with the concept of the same city. All marriage and dating information has been strictly reviewed, providing a high-quality same-city dating and dating platform for 2,265 users.

Features of pie mobile phone

1. Real-name authentication, making friends and blind dates safer and more reliable;

2. One-click registration, discover millions of singles of the opposite sex in the same city, date and make friends;

3. Marriage channel, help you to find and make friends information, you can reach all the opposite sex in the same city at one touch;

4. The matching function will push you the opposite sex in the same city with the highest matching degree for you to improve the efficiency of making friends;

Software Features:

1. Super hot, 100,000 people are dating passionately every day!

2. Dating in the same city, single beauties are near you!

Register in 3.1 seconds to solve your loneliness and coldness!

4. Real users, sexy real photos can only enter your eyes!

5. Super fast, see who has posted a date in real time, start an appointment now!

Software Highlights:

·Dynamic expressions: The super shocking dynamic expressions cover the whole screen, and the friends on the opposite side can feel your sincerity.

·Variable wardrobe: You can make your favorite clothes by collecting clothing fragments, finding a side worker to get blueprints, robbing neighbors or friends to obtain materials, and creating your own unique and personalized wardrobe

Q cute pets: Raise a pet and find acquaintances and friends to PK. If you win, you can grab your friends to warm the bed, dance and brush the toilet, making your interaction with acquaintances and friends more interesting. Come and adopt a super-Q cute pet to fight for you

Tricky acquaintances: You can trick your acquaintances and friends (including address book, WeChat, Weibo, QQ friends, etc.), catch acquaintances and friends to warm the bed, dance or flush the toilet, and even let them come to work for you. work hard for you

Stealing a friend’s cash red envelope: Stealing a friend’s red envelope is as exciting as stealing vegetables in the past. The stolen friend’s red envelope can also be withdrawn directly, which fully satisfies your sense of accomplishment. The pie red envelopes are continuously distributed, and friends are happy every day