OkDate Social software download

OkDate Social software download

OkDate finds your soul mate fast. According to the user’s personality and three views, recommend people who are suitable for you. The interface is intuitive and feature-rich. Create more opportunities for tens of millions of users and create a 360-degree social circle through video, voice, text, etc.

OkDate Social software download

Download information:

  • Version:3.0.8
  • Updated on:Nov 8, 2022
  • Requires Android:5.0 and up
  • Downloads:5,000+ downloads
  • In-app purchases:HK$24.90 – HK$85.90 per item
  • Content rating:Rated for 18+ Learn more
  • Permissions:View details
  • Interactive elements:Users Interact, In-App Purchases
  • Released on:Jul 26, 2022
  • Offered by:OkDate
  • Download link:OkDate apk download

Introduction to OkDate:

1. Define social networking in the new era, and promote green, healthy, high-quality, efficient and experiential social models

2. The first is to change the previous simple online communication and social mode, and provide a full-process social service from online communication to offline flash mob

3. Merchants on the platform will help platform users eat, drink and have fun offline, and provide safe and high-quality services for platform users’ offline connections

Highlights of OkDate:

1. You can browse all contacts online and see the friend list clearly

2. It is very easy to add and manage friends, and it is easy to grasp their status

3. The dynamic content is in hand in real time, and friends can read the dynamic information in real time

4. It is easier to search for friends and can accurately find users for users

5. The application has a complete chat facility to make online interaction easier

6. Start the chat with one button, and the interaction and communication methods can meet the requirements

Introduction to OkDate:

1. Record life

Record your real life, click to take a photo, press and hold to shoot a video, and quickly freeze beautiful moments;

2. Friendship Square

Share live photos to learn more about people’s real lives. The unique image similarity recognition function allows you to meet like-minded friends;

3. Live Chat

New chat experience. While chatting with friends, you can always share your eyes and feel the collision of each other’s life scenes.

OkDate Advantages:

1. There are many services on the platform, you can choose according to your needs

2. Send a photo and say a word. No time to communicate. You can also do speed matching online

3. Share personal thoughts and life, communicate online, interact and make friends, enrich life

4. You can communicate easily and instantly here to learn more about partners

5. Convenient way to make friends, pure friend environment, users can easily make friends here

6. Meet more friends who can talk, enjoy the fun brought every day, support various chat methods, and connect more closely with friends.

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