Nice to meet you, brand new FA WhatsApp

Nice to meet you, brand new FA WhatsApp

November is a season full of surprises. Double 11 shopping and Thanksgiving reunion have made this winter extra lively and warm.

November is a fresh start for the FA WhatsApp team. The newly upgraded user interface and the more convenient operation experience will bring surprises to users.

We are faced with many choices every day and hopefully FA WhatsApp will be that place where you feel familiar and comfortable. Here, you don’t need to pretend, just be your truest self and talk to the people closest to you.

Nice to meet you, brand new FA WhatsApp

Important interface optimizations:

Split the “Recent” tab into “Calls” and “Messages”. The two independent labels are not only convenient for users to initiate calls or messages, but also allow users to view chat history more intuitively.

A new “FA WhatsApp” button has been added in the middle of the bottom bar. With it, you can more easily find friends you want to connect with, and choose how to start chatting.

Nice to meet you, brand new FA WhatsApp

Adjusted the position of the “Me” and “Discover” screens.

Redesigned friend cards.

Today we started rolling out the new FA WhatsApp globally. The Android version will be available first, followed by the iOS version next week.

Since 2018, FA WhatsApp has been accompanying users for 4 years. Please believe that our original intention remains the same: to make communication easier and more interesting.


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