MY1NS Social software download

MY1NS Social software download

MY1NS is a live video dating software. You can easily find the same TA according to your hobbies. To put it simply, both men and women play roles in the app to become two-dimensional lovers, and then chat and communicate with each other like lovers, caring for each other , so that each other can experience the warmth and sweetness of love, and start an exciting communication within a limited time, welcome to download and use!

MY1NS Social software download

MY1NS only provides a private space for two people, allowing you to speak freely! There are gentle, sexy, pungent, and funny girls of all types here for you to choose from!

  • Version:9.6
  • Updated on:Nov 5, 2019
  • Requires Android:4.1 and up
  • Downloads:10+ downloads
  • Content rating:Rated for 18+ Learn more
  • Permissions:View details
  • Interactive elements:Users Interact, Shares Location, In-App Purchases
  • Released on:Oct 27, 2019
  • Offered by:MY1NS
  • Download link:MY1NS apk download

MY1NS software features:

  • Quickly match girlfriends: choose your girlfriend’s personality, quickly match, and instantly win the favor of the goddess.
  • Support a variety of communication methods: text, voice, pictures and other communication methods.
  • Time-limited love: limited-time chat, limited-time love, of course, after the love is over, if you want to continue, you can.

MY1NS function introduction:

1. Chat with your boyfriend; use text or voice to chat for your “boyfriend” to pass the boring time.

2. Play the role of girlfriend, let boys feel caring and full of love.

3. Get up early, good morning, and good night before going to bed; send warm greetings to your boyfriend every day, and have a good mood all day.

4. Listen to schoolwork complaints and work worries; appease boys’ unhappiness encountered in work and study, and resolve boys’ various troubles.

5. Give positive energy encouragement: give vitality encouragement to boys when they are nervous or anxious, and increase boys’ confidence to face challenges.

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