Mig33 South Asia communication chat software

Mig33 South Asia communication chat software

Mig33 is a South Asian mobile social network and a multi-functional communication software that can combine the instant information and calling functions of mobile phones.

Mig33 South Asia communication chat software

You can use MSN, yahoo Messenger and other common IM software to chat with friends; you can also switch to the mobile phone call mode to make international long-distance calls at a very low price.

Mig33’s current service is available to users worldwide and is optimized for over 2000 mobile phones. Its applications continue to grow, covering social games, user groups, virtual gifts, and avatars.

Users can pay to customize and beautify their avatars in Mig33. Mig33 plans to expand its “virtual economy,” which the company says generates more than $1 a month in revenue per user in countries such as Indonesia and India.

The world’s largest 24/7 party is now on your phone. Download mig33 and join over 50 million boyfriends and girlfriends around the world. Have live conversations, play 100s of games, join chatroom parties or post your thoughts.

Looking for someone special? Now you can choose from millions of chat rooms and groups on mig33.

Share photos and show yourself to the world. This is your new world. Be what you want with mig33.

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