Michat dating chat software 2022 latest version download

Michat dating chat software 2022 latest version download

Application introduction:

This is a chat software that speaks with red envelopes. Welfare is full of surprises every day, and you can easily send voice and video to share your every moment with friends. What are you waiting for, grab your phone and download the APP to have fun with your friends!

Michat chat software features:

[New Chat] Fully optimize the chat experience, improve the function requirements of group chat, and make group chat more smooth and intimate.

[Nearby News] Anonymous records to share the mood at the moment, help you find the ta who has a common topic, and can check the nearby news and make friends. Making friends has never been easier.

[Nearby Groups] Quickly join nearby groups, eat, drink, travel together, make friends, and extend your friendship from online to offline.

[Screen Sharing] Share the screen of your mobile phone with friends, just dial the video and share it with one button, and the demonstration of mobile phone functions is convenient and impressive from now on.

[Optimized broadcast] Share your latest news, support text, pictures and other types of broadcast content, where you can refresh your friends’ news anytime, anywhere.

[Comic Center] You can find all the comic masterpieces on the whole network, the latest national comics and Japanese comics, here.

[Lianmai Small Game] One-on-one small game, let you play happily, play smoothly, maybe you can also make a good story.

Michat chat software features:

[Play games together] The crazy list can’t be stopped!

[Grab Welfare] Win Xiaomi mobile phone for free, massive F-code delivery.

【Dan Xiaobing】Adopt your exclusive cute pet.

[Xiaomi Community & Mall] Watch posts with zero distance, and buy without pressure.

[Voting & Multiple Choice] The “Gospel” of Libra.

[Music] My theme song, my attitude.

[Expression Store] You are cute, you are crazy, and you are cheap.