MBWhatsApp Business Language Chat Software

MBWhatsApp Business Language Chat Software

MBWhatsApp business language chat software is a very easy-to-use corporate office mobile phone software, specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, and provides a good task assignment management function for corporate managers.

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When employees open the software, they can clearly know how many tasks there are today. The goal is very clear, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Interested friends can download and try!

Software features:

1. The project manager can effectively control the progress of his new project when he travels abroad. Whose daily task request times out can be focused on.

2. When employees open the software, they can clearly see how many tasks they have today, and the goals are very clear. Never forget your work.

3, the boss can more clearly grasp the work situation of the company’s employees. In the case of coffee, an intended customer is mentioned, and this customer can be immediately communicated by a friend to the customer.

4. The project process of the data center of the new employee division has significantly improved the efficiency of new employees. The company received a project that was completed five years ago. One-click view in the data center, new employees can follow.

5. Announce management methods, work objectives can be mapped to the display, and there will be no result feedback will be displayed all the time, and overtime tasks will be displayed in bright red. Announcement has a mysterious power that will gradually generate mutual cooperation in the enterprise.

Introduction to MBWhatsApp Business Language Chat Software:


MBWhatsApp is a work task management software tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. Established so far a total of more than 200,000 service companies.

Taking speaking as the core function and simple and effective as the main standard of product design, it helps enterprises to complete work management in communication. By talking gently, many small and medium-sized enterprises have improved their business processes, reduced operating costs, and increased work efficiency.


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