Love mind app couples private chat software

Love mind app couples private chat software

The Love Story app is a love chat software exclusively used by couples. It creates a two-person world for couples who are in love. Here you can record every wonderful story of yours, the most intimate photos, and have an extremely Sweet love memories.

Love Story:

Couples will receive love rewards when they register, and the couple can withdraw cash after doing the I Love You check-in task for 365 consecutive days

Couples use the 21-day event, give love notes, and print photos and texts into books!

Couples use the second season of 21 days, give away DIY couple photo albums and photos!

A must-have app for loving couples record – exclusive love space for couples

Love Story app:

Love records: use pictures and text to record the daily love time of couples;

Remembrance Day: Record each anniversary of the couple that is worth recording;

Couple alarm clock: a must-have for long-distance relationships, and you should also say good morning and good night to TA when you are in a long-distance relationship;

Lover list: 100 romantic things to do with TA;

Aunt Assistant: Give your girlfriend warm care at special moments;

Chat history roaming: couples love chat history roaming, sweet and romantic moments are always saved;

Send a message read: Send a message to show whether the other party has read it, giving the couple a full sense of security;

Check the couple’s location: every time you send the location, it carries the thoughts of the TA;

You draw and I guess: couple games chat and interact, making the daily life of love more fun, and you can also show your love with one click;

Discuss love life with other couples, show affection every day, talk about the emotional doubts of couples in love, and cheer for long-distance relationships;

Couple positioning:

Couples locate in real time and watch each other get closer and closer!

Couple Alarm Clock:

A key to wake up the ta who is sleeping late, and you can also say good morning to the ta in different places~

Love anniversary:

Record love dates, birthdays, etc., so you don’t miss every important day~

Couple chat:

Chat history is free to roam, whether the other party has read the message.

Love records:

Send photos, texts, and videos to record love moments, only the couple can see~

You draw I guess:

Couples can also play games while chatting.

【More features】

Just like this unknown and mysterious world, just like the day you met, you found more exciting things in love.

Couples who say I love you for 365 consecutive days and complete the task can receive 1314 yuan!

Couples save money:

Couples keep pocket money together, save it to the goal, go on travel, date, and buy things they like~

Watch movies simultaneously in different places:

Long-distance relationships can also simultaneously follow dramas, watch movies, and chat while watching!

Couple games:

Couples play games together, dress up your dream home, and dress up for a wedding~