Lianxin Nearby Dating Chat Software

Lianxin Nearby Dating Chat Software

Provide Lianxin app to download and install, many users will ask what software Lianxin is, Xiaobian here to tell you that it is a chatting and dating platform suitable for all ages, supporting pictures, voice, video, pictures, red envelopes, and various chat methods. In Lianxin, we can get to know more people around us and get to know those kind and interesting people.

Lianxin- is a reliable social software, where the whole world will accompany you.

Intelligent and accurate recommendation, find the most interesting friends nearby for you, a different new social experience!


People nearby: Find people around you and make friends at will

Friend dynamics: share stories and learn more about different ta

Lianxin’s secretary: accurate and high-quality matching, recommending people with similar interests

One-click making friends: choose what you like, text, picture, emoji, voice, and chat as you want!

Interest group chat: Discover interesting groups, and more interesting friends are waiting for you to chat!

Software Highlights:

Support text, voice, video, chat as you want

One-click to add address book friends, nearby people

Original small video, share personality, show wonderful

Drift Bottle-Talk about the whispers in your heart, and relieve yourself from worries and enjoyment

update content:

Update: 1. Solve known issues and optimize user experience

Is Lianxin dating software reliable?

In Lianxin, you can find like-minded friends, and you may also find confidants who can express your thoughts and know more people.

But whether it is a boy or a girl, don’t trust others easily, so as not to be deceived.

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