KB WhatsApp v24.67 apk download latest version 2022

KB WhatsApp v24.67 apk download official latest version 2022

KB WhatsApp is a modded app completely inspired by the official WhatsApp. It has all the features available in the official app, but you will also find many other features that will make your day enjoyable.

KB WhatsApp v24.67 apk download official latest version 2022

This is a simple app that users love because it offers all the features. It allows users to customize more aspects of WhatsApp, which is why it’s no surprise that people prefer this mod over the official WhatsApp.

KB WhatsApp v24.67 apk download

KB WhatsApp v24.67 apk Information

  • App Name: 24.67 whatsapp 24.67 apk
  • Android Version: 4.1 and Above
  • Version: Latest Version
  • Total Downloads: 10,oOO,OOO+
  • app size:56MB
  • Root Required: Not Root Required
  • Main Purpose: Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
  • Last Updated: 2022.10.18
  • Download address: kb whatsapp apk android

KB WhatsApp Features:

Personalization, privacy, security, and innovative measures are ready to provide users with a better WhatsApp experience. KB WhatsApp provides better personal satisfaction. Users can get powerful functions in the application.

The latest version of this app contains new and special features that we explain below.

Freeze Last Seen: Some users always want to hide the last time they were in a WhatsApp chat. Officially, the original WhatsApp gives you the ability to turn off your last view on WhatsApp.

However, unlike this, you won’t be able to see other people’s last seen on WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp will allow you to see other users’ last seen, and other people won’t be able to see your last.

Hide View Status: This is another great feature of KB WhatsApp. Most people prefer mods because of the advanced features provided for their privacy.

With this feature, people posting stories about their status won’t know you’re viewing their status. You may find this feature of KB WhatsApp important as it allows you to remain completely anonymous without letting your friends know that you are online and reading their messages but not replying to them.

Blue tick after reply: Most of the time we get messages, we read them, but for some reason we can’t reply to them. What is the solution? With the help of KB WhatsApp, you will only see the blue dot when replying to the sender, not just viewing the message.

Emoji Variants: In addition to the emoji included in the keyboard app, you can also choose which emoji version you want to use with KB WhatsApp.

Undelete Status: Undelete Status is again one of the biggest features on KB WhatsApp. If someone publishes a story in the status section and deletes it after publishing, the story will be deleted and no one will be able to see it. But with the help of KB WhatsApp, you will see even if other people’s stories are deleted.

Anti-Delete Messages: Like the Anti-Delete Status feature, KB WhatsApp also comes with Anti-Delete Messages feature. If the sender deletes the message after sending it, the recipient will see “This message has been deleted so they won’t know what the sender sent.”

With the help of KB WhatsApp, you will be able to see deleted messages.

Hidden Delivery and blueTick: This is another important feature of KB WhatsApp. This feature will prevent other users from seeing Delivery and Blue Tick. You will get the message, on the other hand the user will only see the blue tick when replying to the message, not just viewing the message.

Hide recording and typing action text: If you’re chatting with someone and then turn this on, the person you’re chatting with won’t see it, whether you’re composing or recording a voice message. For your best privacy, download KB WhatsApp now and enjoy these exciting features.

Customization: In KB WhatsApp, you will be able to customize many features such as themes. KB WhatsApp has more than 100 themes. New wallpapers are also available. You can change the language and also change the font style in KB WhatsApp.

You can also upload a 7 minute status and you will see deleted messages and statuses. And it’s all free. It doesn’t cost a cent, it’s all free.

Disable Retweet Labels on Messages: Whenever we send a message to a friend or group, there is a label that says “Retweet”. This can be frustrating at times. However, with the help of KB WhatsApp, we can forward any message without telling others that the message sent to them was forwarded many times before it reached them.

Pros and Cons of KB WhatsApp:


You can choose any theme in the library from a collection of hundreds of themes. You can also share up to ten photos in HD quality at once.


The biggest problem with this app is privacy. Developers can see sent and received messages. This event may compromise your security and developers may look at it. Another issue you’ll find in this app is speed. All functions are slower than the official WhatsApp.

Can I use KB WhatsApp with official WhatsApp?

No, you cannot use KB WhatsApp with official WhatsApp. You must uninstall the original app to use this mod on your phone.

KB WhatsApp review:

If you think this is the app you’re looking for, keep trying. As we tell you everything about this app so you can easily download KB WhatsApp and use it. If you follow this guide to download this app on your phone, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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