JusTalk multi-person group chat software

JusTalk multi-person group chat software

JusTalk Chat is a one-to-one and multi-person group voice and calling app for everyone – simple and fun, allowing you to enjoy face-to-face chat with family and friends.

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  • [Free] Play all over the world without spending any money, without any hidden fees.
  • [HD] The call is stable and high-definition without stuttering.
  • [Fun] Multi-person calls, group chats, graffiti during calls, audio and video recording, live video, background switching.
  • 【Convenient】Supports use on various mobile devices.
  • 【Security】Protection of privacy, communication security encryption.

Detailed function introduction:

JusTalk multi-person group chat software

high quality calls

Experience faster, more reliable voice and chat services in JusTalk chats, whether using Wi-Fi or mobile data networks (2.5G/3G/4G)*.

online multiplayer communication

Initiate and participate in a voice or meeting with up to 50 people anytime, anywhere, with high-quality audio, helping enterprises communicate and collaborate efficiently. You can directly join the meeting through the meeting PIN code invitation.

The meeting supports large window mode, screen sharing and host meeting control (mute all participants, lock the meeting to prevent new members from joining, and remove participants). The meeting also supports sending and receiving messages, pictures, etc., to meet the various instant messaging needs of enterprises.

funny chat

You can doodle, stick pictures, play games and share pictures with your friends while you are on the phone. It’s super fun!

Dynamic sharing

Share wonderful moments, record daily life, and chat with your friends in JusTalk feeds.

instant message

Send and receive pictures, emoji and more in one-to-one or multi-person group chats.

You can also switch the front and rear cameras at any time during chat, and share your wonderful moment with your friends!

Cross-platform service

Call all your friends from your smartphone or tablet with just one JusTalk chat app.

Privacy and Security

All messages and call data in the JusTalk chat app are encrypted end-to-end. We do not monitor calls and do not save this data. Welcome to a safe and free chat service.

More features

Create your own JusTalk ID in the JusTalk chat app, making it easier to search and add friends; add friends more quickly and easily through business cards shared by friends, or face-to-face scanning, and start voice chat at any time.

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