WhatsApp Mod APK: Is It Safe to Use?

The development of modified android apps is becoming more and more popular these years, and the most demanded now is the live chat app. There are many live chat software on the android market, but the most widely used is WhatsApp Messenger.

This app helps to communicate with other users through text messages, sharing HD images, video calls, audio calls, emoji support, and sending documents like PDF, DOC, etc.

But with so many features on WhatsApp, it still seem like something is incomplete for some users. Many users complained about the lack of privacy features, such as hiding their online status. While such privacy features and many other similar advanced functions are available in WhatsApp MOD APK,which can be downloaded for free.

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What is WhatsApp MOD APK?

WhatsApp MOD is a modified version of WhatsApp application. It has many extra and enhanced features,such as hide online status, hide typing status, hide recording status and more. There are other perks too, like if you read a message someone sent you, you can turn off the blue tick and you can still see the blue tick on their message has been read.

By using WhatsApp MOD,not only hide your privacy, you can even change the user interface of the entire app with the help of themes that are provided for free in the app, and there are more than 1000 themes for choosing.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp MOD?

WhatsApp MOD is a modified version of the original WhatsApp app, available to be downloaded on Official Whatsapp Mod Download Hub. As long as you download it from here, it’s safe to use.Because we’ve scanned the apps and found no trace of viruses or malware. We installed and tested the WhatsApp MOD APK ourselves and found that it does not get banned. If you have any doubts, then you might consider reading this blog post on hb3.net to find out how real the revamped WhatsApp app is.

How to install WhatsApp MOD?

All modified WhatsApp apps are required to be run at android 4.0 or higher. You’ll need to allow 3rd party installations on your smartphone by going into your phone’s Settings menu, then Security, where you’ll find the option to enable 3rd party apps or unknown sources. You don’t need any root access to install any WhatsApp MOD APK as it installs like any normal Android APK.