How to make an office meeting video call

How to make an office meeting video call

Connect your smartphone to the projector
Smartphone screens are for personal use, for light computing tasks and infotainment. You always miss out on a big screen to watch a 4K movie, or present at a meeting without a TV. Carrying a laptop with you isn’t just feasible for everyone.
With modern smartphones capable of storing any type of data, it becomes imperative to know the tricks of connecting your smartphone to a projector.

How to make an office meeting video call

You can pair your smartphone with the projector in the following different ways.

wireless connection
You can bring your phone to a bigger screen with imo international chat support and a wireless streaming adapter. Here is the workaround you need to follow.

Connect Android device to projector via wire
If the wireless connection of your smartphone to the projector may not be possible due to lack of access to the wireless network or the projector’s old hardware. Beyond that, plug-and-play is always the most convenient form of connecting devices. Here’s how you can do it.


Most projectors are equipped with built-in HDMI ports to support wired video connections. Modern projectors also have a Mini-HDMI port for easy smartphone connection via a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable.
Additionally, smartphones with USB-C can easily connect to the projector via a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Check if your smartphone supports the adapter to stream video.


Several projector manufacturers have embedded a new standard called MHL. This makes your smartphone with micro-USB more usable as you can use custom adapters to transmit video signals through the micro-USB port. You need an MHL to HDMI adapter to support this feature.

However, which devices can and cannot support MHL is a tricky business. Several manufacturers have dropped this feature in phones launched in recent years to take advantage of USB-C capabilities.

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