HMWhatsApp APK Free Instant Messaging

HMWhatsApp APK Free Instant Messaging

HMWhatsApp is a very easy-to-use instant chat software. Its feature is end-to-end chat, all data will not be kept on the server, and the data will be clear after a period of time, so you don’t need to worry about your own. Privacy breach.


Supports encrypted voice and video chat and is free to use. This time we bring HMWhatsApp APK Free Instant Messaging, which can make encrypted chat more convenient for you.

HMWhatsApp apk download

Software download information:

  • Size: 191MB
  • language: English
  • Category: Chat Tools
  • Type: Freeware
  • Authorization: Domestic
  • Software time: 2022/08/30

Software features:


Ant Messenger is strictly encrypted with end-to-end and burn-in-read method.


AntMessenger protects your messages from hackers.


Destroy the documents you send on a regular basis and easily control their expiration dates.

【Two-way destruction】

Chat records can be destroyed in both directions at any time to prevent information from being stolen by hackers.


Encrypt communications using trunk calling technology to keep your IP information safe.

【Burn after reading】

Once the message is read, it will be destroyed and your information will be safe.

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common problem:

1. How do I know my message status?


This indicates that your message is in the process of being sent. If this happens for a long time, make sure your device is connected to a normal network.

Has been sent:

This means that your message has been sent to the Ant Messenger service. If you see this icon, there is no problem with your device’s network connection.


This indicates that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s device.

Have read:

Read messages are marked as read.

2. How to permanently deactivate my account?

Open Ant Messenger – “Me” – “Account” – “Destroy Account” to permanently deactivate the account. After the account is destroyed, the local chat history will be automatically destroyed, all contacts will be deleted, all groups will be logged out, and the mobile phone number/email/username will be released.

3. Is my contact information on HMWhatsApp safe?

Under no circumstances will HMWhatsApp store any contact information. This information only resides on your device.

4. How is the security of HMWhatsApp?

HMWhatsApp’s commitment to protecting your privacy with state-of-the-art security and end-to-end encryption will never change. Our goal has always been to develop privacy technologies that protect free expression and enable secure global communications.

5. Does HMWhatsApp charge a fee?

Completely free, currently there is no charge from HMWhatsApp to use any of the features of HMWhatsApp. The internet traffic fee generated when using HMWhatsApp is charged by the network operator. It is recommended that you use it in conjunction with the internet traffic plan.

6. For security, each user can set the automatic destruction time of the files sent by themselves, so please be sure to download the media or files sent to you by the other party as soon as possible to avoid the media or files being expired and causing inconvenience.

File destruction time setting process:

1. Open HMWhatsApp

2. “I” – “Privacy Security” – “Document Destruction Time”

3. Select the automatic destruction time of your files (can be set to 1 hour/12 hours/1 day/7 days/15 days/1 month/6 months)

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