Freshchat Social software download

Freshchat Social software download

Freshchat is a full-featured crm customer relationship management system. The software takes customers as small and medium-sized, data-based, helps users transform customers, clearly records the sales process, chartered sales data, realizes refined information management, and visualizes sales tracks. Conducive to the integration and distribution of sales resources, it is an essential software for corporate office. Friends in need are welcome to download and use the green resource network!

Freshchat Social software download

Freshchat management system is customer-centric and data-based, regulates sales management, and promotes customer conversion. From “potential customers” to “contracts”, from “market activities” to “opportunities”, all sales processes can be clearly recorded, sales The data is stored in detail; the information management is refined, the sales track is visualized, and the stage division is scientific, which is convenient for the integration and distribution of sales resources and maximizes business growth.

Download information:

  • Version:7.3.1
  • Updated on:Sep 7, 2022
  • Requires Android:5.0 and up
  • Downloads:50,000+ downloads
  • Content rating:Rated for 3+ Learn more
  • Permissions:View details
  • Interactive elements:Users Interact, Shares Location
  • Released on:Sep 17, 2017
  • Offered by:Freshworks Inc
  • Download link:Freshchat apk download

Freshchat function introduction:

  • Basic data: including customer type, customer source, stage settings, commodity information and other basic data settings, which not only standardizes the scope of data, but also simplifies operations.
  • Customer management: including my customers, public customers, all customers, customer handover, dynamic charts, customer reports and other functions. Individuals can view personally owned customers and public customers, with clear permissions to avoid mutual robbing of customers.
  • All customers: Display all customer information, no matter who the owner is, try it for general managers and other senior managers.
  • My Customers: Used to display the customers that you own, try it out for lower-level salespeople.
  • Public customers: Everyone can see the information of these customers.
  • Sales order: The order number is automatically generated by the system, the person making the order is the login person, the order making time defaults to the current time, and the customer information can be retrieved.
  • Sales delivery: The sales delivery is delivered on a customer-by-customer basis, that is, the orders placed by the customer can be delivered together.
  • Customer transfer: Customers can be transferred to others in batches; the details of customers are completely saved, which is conducive to understanding the life cycle of customers.

Freshchat changelog:

1. Smart prompt when updating the application installation error

2. Update sub-table data problem

3. Update garbage data

4. Application export repair

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