Fouad WhatsApp APK Multiparty Video Call Software

Fouad WhatsApp APK Multiparty Video Call Software

Fouad WhatsApp APK is one of the most popular multi-party video calling software. Like other WhatsApp mod apps, Fouad WhatsApp also offers great features. The developers of Fouad WhatsApp made the original WhatsApp version even more interesting by adding many additional features.

The lack of functionality in the official app is what created this mod. The anti-ban feature in the new version of the app increases security and will never get you banned from official servers.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Multiparty Video Call Software

Fouad WhatsApp, using smartphones, tablets, personal PCs and other portable devices as carriers, provides convenient and fast mobile multi-party video conferencing functions, supports multiple sharing of documents, desktops, whiteboards, conference chat, etc., and integrates with cloud video HD video conferencing. , to meet the communication needs anytime, anywhere.

Software Features:

1. Simple registration, meet immediately

any user can download and try it out, and provides a variety of login methods.

2. Realistic meeting effect

It supports dual-stream transmission, has rich picture combination styles, and transmits image data at the same time, which can generate interaction.

3. Choose from various meeting formats

Provides three meeting methods: instant meeting, scheduled meeting, and joining seminar, so that users can use it for different meeting needs.

4. Converged Meeting Experience

Support multi-terminal membership, join conference through voice, VoLTE, client, and cancel regional dependence.

5. Convenient meeting control

Support WEB, client and other methods for remote scheduling and management.

6. Flexible management and control

Support speaker mode, voice control mode, carousel mode and other screen settings.

7. Multiple login methods

Three login methods are provided: account and password login, mobile phone verification code login, and password-free login (currently supports mobile and telecom numbers, and Unicom users do not currently support).

8. All-in-one meeting tools

In a video conference, users are divided into two categories: the host and the participants. They can all control the local sound, camera, and shared auxiliary stream. However, the overall control of the conference is limited to the moderator’s operation, and functions such as adding and removing participants, camera, voice, and permission transfer can be performed.

Platform Highlights:

1. Mainly HD

Support 1080P/60 frame high-definition dual-stream, the video is vivid and smooth, and the audio is clear and lossless;

2. Full IP technology

Based on the IMS network, it is seamlessly integrated with the traditional voice and VoLTE services of the modern network;

3. Multi-person instant access

Holding a video conference can reduce the gathering of people, save travel time, improve work efficiency, and effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic.

To this end, the Fouad WhatsApp soft terminal video conferencing product is fully open, and users can download and install the application on their own mobile phones, tablets or computers, and register an account to use them for free.

This product can support up to 300 parties in a single conference to access at the same time, which can meet the needs of conference communication anytime, anywhere.