Fmwhatsapp cannot receive the verification code?

Fmwhatsapp cannot receive the verification code?

What is fmwhatsapp?

Fmwhastapp is a super social app with more than 2 billion users worldwide. It can be imagined how many business opportunities there are by looking at wechat in China; The biggest advantage is that you can directly send or receive information, pictures, audio files, video information, etc. without adding friends.


Its user coverage rate is very high. In Europe and Latin America, such as India, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore and other 94 countries, the coverage rate is as high as 80%. Where there is traffic, there are business opportunities. Social marketing is the trend, and you can contact overseas customers in time.

How does Fmwhastapp help foreign trade?

① It is free to use. It is free to send messages through Fmwhastapp. You only need a ladder environment to access the Internet;

② The activity is high, the opening rate of email marketing is 6% ~ 13%, while the arrival rate of fmwhatsapp is 100%, and the reading rate is over 80%. Even offline, you can receive information;

③ Fast and direct: you can communicate with customers one-to-one in real time without adding friends, and you can directly send product information to customers. You can also manage in groups and provide personalized services, which is equivalent to a CRM management system;

④ The mode is changeable: besides chatting, it can also interact with video, and the information exchange is more direct, so as to shorten the sense of distance with overseas customers;

⑤ Business account: create a business account. You can add website URL, product directory and company description so that customers can know you better.

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What if Fmwhastapp cannot receive the verification code?

1. Check whether the mailbox is full. If yes, please delete some information.

2. If you still can’t receive it after deletion, you can change the machine or replace the card to see if it is due to hardware.

3. After eliminating the above reasons, you can try to test whether it can be received in other places to see if it is the reason of weak local signal

4. The mobile phone is equipped with an interception software, and cannot receive the verification code. It is recommended that you remove the SMS interception of the application software

5. The mobile phone is turned off, there is no signal temporarily, and the verification code and SMS cannot be received due to arrears or downtime. It is recommended that you stop the phone due to arrears. Generally, it will be recovered within 24 hours after payment, basically within 24 hours. It is recommended that you change the mobile phone number or re acquire it the next day.

6. Turn off wall climbing and WiFi, and use the traffic to get the mobile phone verification code. Or open the ladder and select the global mode.

7. If the version is updated, remember to update it

8. If the above methods do not work, it is estimated that you can only wait and try again after a period of time. Some netizens also failed to receive the verification code, and then registered again after a period of time, and soon received it.

9. Foreign card registration

10. If you can’t receive the verification code for two or three consecutive times, you can wait first. The verification code of fmwhatsapp is valid for 24 hours. Don’t turn off the WhatsApp to input the verification code first. When the verification code is received, you can enter it again.

11. Unable to receive the verification code, you can try to verify with the phone verification method

You can try the above methods.

In addition, let me share with you how fmwhatsapp gets customers

Customer information obtained from Facebook group development and advertising

Google search customer information, Skype customer information column

Exhibition business card or customer business card obtained by other means

Contact information provided by the customer in the email

Background inquiry information of B2B platform

Map acquisition