FMWhatsApp APK Unblock Download

FMWhatsApp APK Unblock Download

FMWhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp Mods and like other WhatsApp Mods it is also a modified version that includes many special features. These modified features are not available in official WhatsApp and can be found in Play Store etc.

FM WhatsApp latest version has many special features that you will find in this article. So make sure you read every piece of information.

FM WhatsApp apk download

FMWhatsApp APK is developed by a very talented developer named “1wk Mokdad” whose official website is called “1wk mods“. You can visit this website for more information.

But later, you can save your time now because we bring you the latest version of Fmwhatsapp update on, we offer a free download. Read the following article to understand the importance of FMWhatsApp APK.

FmWhatsapp new features:

  • Perfect anti-ban system
    Can pin 100 chats
    bug fixed
    Fixed crashes and bugs
    The latest update for a smooth experience
    New launcher icon
    Fixed bug when trying to open camera
    Added new theme
    base update
    More customization features

As you know, with the latest update, our hopes increase with the anti-ban system as well as bug crash fixes. So, the new update is really great. Most bugs and crashes are fixed in the latest FMWhatsApp APK.

In the new version of FMWhatsApp, the anti-ban system is now more complete. This way we can use any feature of FM WhatsApp without fear of being banned. This feature is being updated with an improved update.
In official WhatsApp, only 3 chats can be pinned, but in this latest version, 100 chats can be pinned.The new version comes with a new updated base as well as a new launcher icon. Now, we can customize more functions. We can add new themes in FMWA.
The latest version brings a smoother experience. Enjoy all the features now better than ever.

Features of FMWhatsApp APK:

FMWhatsApp APK latest version has many exciting features which you can find below. And you know, these features get upgraded with every update. Also, they are not available on the official WA. So I guess you want to download FMWhatsApp 2022 and then let’s talk about the features, well, look here so you’ll know what it really is.

  • custom made
    custom theme
    custom emoji
    Customize the WhatsApp interface
    Customize launcher icons
    Customize wallpaper and contact status
  • secret feature
    Disable tags when forwarding messages
    Disable the second tick
    Disable blue ticks
    Call without adding contacts
    undelete messages and status
  • Privacy Features
    Anti-ban mode
    Hide state view
    custom last seen
    Hide online status
    Can choose contacts who can call you
    Hide typing and recording status
  • Multimedia function
    700Mb file share at a time
    You can send more than 10 pictures at a time
    Ability to share 100 Mb audio files at a time
    Share images and videos in their original quality

FMWhatsApp APK Installation Guide:

Would like to read the installation guide for FMWhatsApp APK. This is a great option, and good news for you, here’s a basic installation guide. So, read the FM WhatsApp APK guide. This way you won’t have problems installing it. Follow these simple steps to properly install the FMWA APK.

Step 1: Download the APK
After downloading the FMWhatsApp APK on your Android device, you must enable installation from unknown sources. We need to enable this option as it is not available in official stores like Play Store. To enable installation from unknown sources, simply go to > Settings > Security > Permissions > Enable Unknown Sources. To install any mod, we first have to enable installation from unknown sources before we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Install from Unknown Sources
After enabling install from unknown sources, you need to locate the APK file on your Android device. To do this, you have to go to > Device Storage > Downloads > FMWhatsApp APK. Now just hit the install button and wait a few seconds. If you have a high performance device, it will take less time than a low memory device.

Step 3: Use the APK
Alright, now the installation is done safely. Now you can open the apk on your device, create an account and enjoy all these features of FM WhatsApp. But before exiting this site, you may read more about FMWhatsApp APK. Read the FAQ below for more information.


As you know, when using any WhatsApp mod, there are a few questions that come to our mind. Here, we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions about FMWhatsApp, including device security, anti-ban features, and other extras. So, let’s see if this FAQ helps you. I hope so, it will help you clear your mind, but if you still have some thoughts and questions about FMWhatsApp, please leave a comment in our comment box. We are easy to contact. Just ask your question and we will reply as soon as possible.

Question 1. Is FMWhatsApp safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe. It does not require a rooted device, nor does it have any malware that will affect your device. Most third-party mods require a rooted device, but not here. Also, in FMWhatsApp, your account will not be banned like other WhatsApp mods. Therefore, it is very safe for your device and account. You should give it a try.

Q2. Can I send original quality images in FMWhatsApp?

Yes, as I said before, with the help of FMWhatsApp we are able to share videos and images in their original quality. It’s not like the official WhatsApp, which is terrible at media sharing. Here we can share full resolution images and 700 Mb files at once in FMWhatsApp. did you like it?

Question 3. How to download the latest update of FMWhatsApp?

To download the latest update and latest version of FMWhatsApp you can visit our website. Because we bring you the latest versions and updates of our mods as soon as possible. You can download them with one click. Also, you can easily download the latest mods APK from our website.

Q4. Can WhatsApp Official and FMWhatsApp use the same account?

You can use the same account for both APKs, but your old app account will be automatically deleted whenever you log into your account in a different app. So using the same number for official WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp is not a good idea. You can use two numbers for both APKs.

Q5. Can I customize what I saw last in FMWhatsApp?

Yes, you can customize your last meeting. You can set any time for “Last Seen” or even freeze when you were last seen. This is a great feature of the FM WhatsApp APK and also available in other mods.

Everyone knows how important it is to stay private in the social world these days, that’s why these WhatsApp mods have all the features that can help us stay private. These features are not available on official WhatsApp.

Q6. Can I use WhatsApp Web in FMWhatsApp APK?

You can use WhatsApp Web features in FM WhatsApp, but please note that all other exclusive features of FMWhatsApp will not be available on WhatsApp Web. So it is better not to use the network function. To use the WhatsApp website, I recommend you to use the official WhatsApp. Because that would be better.

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