FM WhatsAppr Privacy Policy Update Instructions

FM WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Instructions

Your privacy has always been a top priority for FM WhatsApp. When we resize our app, your privacy remains our focus.

FM WhatsAppr Privacy Policy Update Instructions

As the app improves and new features are added, adjustments to our Privacy Policy and Terms are required. As you continue to enjoy FM WhatsApp and all its new features, it is important for us to fully understand these adjustments. For complete transparency and clarity, we have created a summary of the update below.

Clarity and Accessibility

In this update, you will see that the overall structure of the Privacy Policy is more interactive and reading friendly.

Here are some of the ways we clarify our Privacy Policy:

A classification of the types of data we collect from you.

A dedicated clause describing what types of data other users can see about you on FM WhatsApp.

The terms on our use of data have been updated to explain our processing purposes in detail. Under this section, we have also added certain information on data practices related to new fintech services.

Clarify how and with whom we share your personal data by providing a clear and unambiguous explanation of such sharing and the categories of such third parties.

Additional terms containing information about the non-user data we may process and options on how to opt out.

Updated and clarified the section on your choices and control over the application.

To further increase transparency, we have created a dedicated section on user data retention, allowing users to understand our retention policy.

In addition, we have expanded and provided more information about how we operate under the GDPR and CCPA, providing more details about our data processing practices in these regions, including our assessment of the lawful basis for EEA and UK users more explanation.

New terms:

We want this year’s Terms of Use to be more streamlined and accessible, so we’ve reclassified them as “Terms of Service” and combined the previously separated terms into one document to make it easier to navigate any needed additions.

These terms also cover the following updates:

We have created specific terms for our electronic communication service (i.e. FM WhatsApp out) and introduced contract summaries related to our electronic communication service for our users in the EU, EEA and UK

  • Update refund policy
  • Clear fair use terms
  • Extended Payments and Fees Section
  • Expand and clarify our Services section, detailing all products and services offered by FM WhatsAppr.

Added specific restrictions, obligations and clarifications, such as in relation to user uploads in our public groups, prohibiting admins from selling bots, communities or channels, and FM WhatsApp possible denial of service for violating these terms or other FM WhatsApp policies .

Changed the governing law so that the law of England and Wales will govern these terms and the place of dispute is now Luxembourg

FM WhatsApp Acceptable Use Policy:

It is important to us that we are able to keep our users safe while enjoying all the features that FM WhatsApp has to offer.

We have strengthened and clarified these policies below:

We have renamed the “FM WhatsApp Public Content Policy” to “FM WhatsApp Acceptable Use Policy” to make it applicable to all content available through FM WhatsApp, including through the FM WhatsApp app, FM WhatsApp API, chatbots, communities , channels, etc.

We have a zero tolerance policy for violent extremist or terrorist content and prohibit terrorist or hate groups from using our services, posting content, selling or buying anything or communicating through our FM WhatsApp app. Hate speech content is strictly prohibited.

We stress that we prohibit users from posting or sharing content that is designed to exploit or harm children or that may impair their physical, psychological or moral development. We will report child pornography to the authorities. If other content violates this policy, we may also report it to the authorities and we urge users to report any such content to our support team.

FM WhatsApp may not be used to send spam, mass message or robocalls, harass or bully anyone, nor share any private or personal information of any other person.

Users can appeal our decision to remove their content by contacting our support.

We have implemented the FM WhatsApp DMCA policy in this policy, which governs how users can report content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Cookie clarity

We would like to share our cookie “recipe” with you so you know exactly what you’re consuming. Our Advertising and Cookie Policy has been updated and clarified in the following areas:

By adding more useful information and guidance about your choices, your consent withdrawal options.

This user age range, inferred gender, and certain GPS location data (if you allow it in your settings) are among the limited categories of personal data we share with third-party advertising partners and service providers.

Our handling of your unique identifiers (advertising IDs), including how we use them and how we obtain them.

We remind our users in the EEA and the UK that we demonstrate industry standards for the use of cookies for advertising purposes, including implementing consent mechanisms where required by applicable law.

Explain that we may use cookies and tracking technologies to receive data from clicks on our own advertisements served on third-party services in order to better measure advertisements, understand preferences for our services, and evaluate the quality of our content.

clear clutter

Part of any good update is a good cleanup! In this release, we have removed some terms and policies that are no longer relevant to the services we offer, and have incorporated other terms and policies into other terms, including:

FM WhatsApp Local Number Terms of Use as this service no longer exists.

Terms and Conditions for FM WhatsApp Chatbot Payment Services” has been merged into the FM WhatsApp Terms of Service and the FM WhatsApp Developer Agreement

The FM WhatsApp Bot, Community, Channels and VAP Terms and Guidelines have been merged into the FM WhatsApp Terms of Service and the FM WhatsApp Developer Agreement.

FM WhatsApp DMCA Policy and incorporate it into the FM WhatsApp Acceptable Use Policy.

The updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will take effect on April 21, 2022. We encourage you to take the time to review this summary in the meantime. If this summary wasn’t enough, here is the full, updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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