Europe GB WhatsApp Pro 15.50 APK

Europe GB WhatsApp Pro 15.50 APK

Why use GB WhatsApp Pro?

Europe GB WhatsApp Pro is a free modded apk, in other words, a modded version of GB WhatsApp. It includes many additional features and is highly rated as one of the best WhatsApp mod versions.

In WhatsApp, there are many restrictions. You can’t change the app’s theme, font style, and there’s no dark mode. You also can’t share large media files. Everyone can see your recent online activities without hiding them, which affects your privacy.

But in the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro, you will be able to connect with others with peace of mind. All these restrictions mentioned above will be removed so that users can have a pleasant and comfortable experience.

GB WhatsApp Pro Features

Improve privacy
The developers of this mod apk are very concerned about the security of their users’ computers and want your activities to be as private as possible.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro allows you to hide blue ticks, send ticks, typing and recording. With these features, others will not be able to understand your behavior, and you will not be easily harassed by others. You can also freeze last seen, which means it’s hard to know exactly when you were online.

Backup restore
Backup or restore is always an issue for most email applications. If you accidentally lose your phone or buy a new one, all the message data from your old device will be lost forever.

But this will no longer be a problem as you will be able to restore or backup your files and chat with GB WhatsApp Pro instantly. Sign in to your account on another device to save messages.

“Do Not Disturb” Mode
How do you feel when you play a game or watch a movie but the notifications keep popping up? It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

Therefore, a do not disturb mode exists in this mod version to solve your problem. Just enable this feature and you no longer need to visit your phone’s app management system to disable these notifications.

In your spare time, nothing on the screen disturbs you, bringing you a convenient experience.

You just have to deactivate this mode when you are ready to receive news and messages.

User experience improvements:

Theme store:
If you want to customize the interface and design of the app, this feature is for you. There are so many fun, pretty and interesting themes to choose from in the store. They are all free and constantly improved by the developers.

Media sharing is one of the biggest draws of messaging apps. What if you’re desperate to share dozens of pictures with your friends, but the app only allows 10 photos at a time?

So, GB WhatsApp Pro is here to provide an excellent and unlimited sharing experience. You can send up to 100 photos to your friends and family at the same time without any interruptions or delays. The maximum size of the video and audio files to be shared is 50MB and 100MB respectively, which is very large.

Using this feature, you can share fun and enjoyable moments with others and have a good time.

Sometimes people will text you for some reason and delete it immediately. You are curious and wondering what happened, what they were trying to tell you or why they deleted the message.

No more problems because now you can view deleted messages with this program. The mod version allows you to see the text, although the sender may have deleted it hours ago. This feature also allows you to view the status of people who have been deleted in the past 24 hours.

Simplified planning:
Scheduling social media posts is common, but what about scheduling messages on WhatsApp? Of course, you can’t do this in the original version, but GB WhatsApp Pro can help you.

You might want to text someone on a special day at a certain time, but you’re afraid you’ll forget. do not worry! This mod apk includes a scheduling feature where you can set all important reminders, birthday wishes and messages in advance.

other functions:
In addition to the main function, other functions always help to ensure the best experience for the user.

The program offers a dark mode, which is better for your eyes when used at night. It also helps eliminate distractions around you, allowing you to focus on the screen.

If you want to change the font style, there are many beautiful fonts to customize, including English and Arabic fonts. Combined with the various themes in the pack, the font styles will give the app an attractive and unique look.

Another useful feature is location sharing. When you’re at a nice party or cool place, you can send the location to your friends so they can join. You can also share your location with your family for help if you are in danger or emergency.

Installation Guide: For Android Devices

Before downloading the program, please make sure your Android version is 4.0.3 Jellybean or higher. Also, you’ll need to free up about 45MB to download the file. After checking the requirements, follow the exact steps below for a proper installation:

First, go to settings, where you can choose security. In the list you will see Unknown Sources disabled by default. Click it to enable it so you can download and install apps from unknown sources.
Now you can proceed with the download. There are many versions of Android Waves GB WhatsApp to choose from. For example, you can click GB WhatsApp Pro v8.75 Download and find the file on your device.
Open the apk file to install, and you’re done!
Unfortunately, this mod apk is currently only available on Android. The team is working on other operating systems and will release it soon.

in conclusion
GB WhatsApp Pro provides users with an unlimited sharing experience. It helps you do things that the original version couldn’t. This app provides you amazing features to add value, joy and happiness to your life. What are you waiting for? Download this app here and experience it now!