Enterprise WeChat chat tool

Enterprise WeChat chat tool

Enterprise WeChat software introduction:
Enterprise WeChat is a professional office management tool created by Tencent WeChat team for enterprises. Consistent communication experience with WeChat, rich free OA applications, and interoperability with WeChat messages, mini programs, WeChat payment, etc., to help enterprises work efficiently and manage.

Comprehensive security guarantee, international authoritative certification, bank-level encryption level, to ensure enterprise data security.

Enterprise WeChat

Consistent communication experience with WeChat:
Easy to use, zero cost to get started, and work in a familiar way.

Connect to WeChat:
Add the customer’s WeChat, provide services to customers through single chat and hundreds of group chats, publish content to the customer’s WeChat Moments, and have the ability to make small programs and payments.

Productivity tools and office applications:
It integrates efficiency tools such as schedules and meetings, as well as OA applications such as punch-in and approval. It provides a wealth of third-party applications to choose from, and supports API access to its own applications.

Comprehensive security:
The first enterprise office product in China to pass the SOC2Type2 audit, international authoritative certification, and bank-level encryption level, providing reliable guarantee for enterprise data security.

Enterprise WeChat software features:

efficient communication
The sent messages can check the read and unread status of the other party, and the communication work is more efficient.

You can quickly initiate schedule invitations to colleagues, add work in chat as a schedule, and manage your own work schedules in one place. Support multi-terminal synchronization and synchronization of mobile phone system calendar.

You can initiate and participate in audio and video conferences anytime, anywhere, support 25 people to participate in the conference at the same time, and provide management functions for the host. You can also present documents or computer screens when speaking, and support real-time annotation of presentation content.

Micro document
Documents and forms that can be created individually or jointly edited with colleagues. Enterprises and creators can set internal and external access rights and document watermarks for documents. Document modifications are updated in real time, and sharing among colleagues does not require multiple transfers.

flash disk
Unified storage enterprise shared space, real-time synchronization of file modifications, convenient for employees to access at any time. The management terminal supports member operation auditing and secure management of enterprise data.

Easily punch in on mobile phones or smart time attendance machines, and automatically generate attendance reports in combination with approval applications to improve attendance efficiency; support fixed-time commuting, flexible scheduling, free commuting, and out-of-home punching to meet the diverse attendance needs of enterprises.

Approval anytime, anywhere, you can add custom approval templates, support counter-sign, or sign, approval by superiors, conditional approval and other approval methods, helping enterprises to customize a standardized and efficient approval process.

Employees report their work progress through daily, weekly and monthly reports, and managers can view them conveniently on the mobile phone.

business payment
Provide complete payment capabilities, enterprises can collect and pay external WeChat users, and can also collect and pay employees or send red envelopes.

public telephone
The company pays for it uniformly, and employees can make free calls, eliminating the need for cumbersome call reimbursement procedures. Enterprises can manage dial records and permissions in a unified way, and you can get 1,000 minutes of free time by registering.

Enterprise mailbox
Bind your business email or work personal email, receive new email notifications here, and process emails in a timely manner. You can also forward messages to group chats for quick discussions with colleagues.

Contacts management
Quick batch import, unified management; accurate and complete colleague information, easy to consult.

Rich configuration
You can personalize employee profiles, set address book viewing permissions and hide special departments or members. It also supports setting corporate logos and promotional images on the mobile phone startup page to create corporate culture.

Managed group chats
It can be set that only the group owner can manage the group chat, set the ban on the group, and publish the group announcement. Support to initiate 2000 crowd chat.