dingtone app internet phone download

dingtone app internet phone download

dingtone VoIP does not require a SIM card to make calls, and you also get a US mobile number. The call quality of the software is very good, and it can be used directly after downloading. Calling costs are also relatively cheap, allowing you to experience good content. Welcome to download!

dingtone internet phone download

Introduction to dingtone:

Dingtone is an application specially designed for Internet calls. It can make international calls at any time. It has carrier-grade call quality, supports US number interconnection, and has ultra-low tariffs. It is a good helper for your Internet calls.

Software Highlights:

1. Share photos, videos, maps, graffiti with friends in real time

2. Support call recording, important call recordings are kept on file

3. Super money-saving international Internet phone calls, dial any number in the world

4. Clear and smooth calls, small delay, no noise, no stuck

5. Real-time voice intercom, as easy to use as a real walkie-talkie

6. Multi-party call, voice group chat, one-click conference call

7. The caller ID of the other party is your own phone number, not random numbers

8. Global dual card dual standby, allowing you to have an American number

9. Automatically roam the phone on multiple devices, which can be used at the same time

10. Free download and use. Green software, no ads, no hidden buttons

11. Super easy to use, no registration, no login required

Software features:

1. Get a US phone number

We assign you a real U.S. phone number that is yours and private. Anyone in the world who calls or texts this number will be automatically transferred to your mobile phone. From now on, your mobile phone is a global dual-SIM dual-standby mobile phone, with a national number and a US number at the same time.

2. Super clear voice quality

Dingdong has a dedicated voice network covering almost the whole world. Whether your call is in Australia, the United States, Europe, or China, the call is still clear.

3. Super money saving international long distance calls

Do you have relatives or friends overseas? Do you have overseas business partners? Use Dingdong to dial mobile and landline numbers in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, with clear voices and stable calls. It is very important that your own number can be displayed on the other party’s phone. Don’t worry that the other party sees an inexplicable, unfamiliar phone call and doesn’t answer the phone at all.

4. Free phone calls, free text messages

As long as you and your relatives and friends have downloaded Dingdong on their mobile phones, you can use Dingdong to call your relatives and friends anytime and anywhere, and text messaging is completely free. Support free multi-party calls, and easily convene a conference call with up to 100 people with one click.

5. Super voice walkie-talkie

Have you ever used a real walkie-talkie? After your mobile phone downloads Dingdong, it becomes a real walkie-talkie, real-time intercom without delay! Press to speak, and the other party hears it immediately. It perfectly supports the background operation mode, which means that even if the other party’s mobile phone is in the locked screen state, you can talk to each other at any time.

6. Converged voice communication

Dingdong seamlessly integrates phone calls, intercoms, and voice messages. You don’t need to pay attention to whether the other person is online, and you don’t need to think about whether to call or text. For example, if you make a call through Dingdong and the other party is busy and does not answer your call, you will be automatically directed to voicemail. The other party can hear your message as soon as you leave it, and then the other party can choose to text you back or pick up the phone again.

update content:

bugs and crashes fixed

Application performance optimization

Software Information:

  • Version: 5.9.2
  • Updated on: Aug 29, 2022
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+ downloads
  • In-app purchases: IDR 15,000.00 – IDR 1,111,461.00 per item
  • Content rating: Rated for 3+ Learn more
  • Permissions: View details
  • Interactive elements: Users Interact, Digital Purchases
  • Released on: Jul 12, 2013
  • Offered by: Dingtone Phone
  • download link:dingtone app download

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