Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp apk download official latest version 2022

Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp apk download official latest version 2022

Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp is a mode of WhatsApp that brings a lot of in-app customization to the original version of WhatsApp. This Cyber ​​WhatsApp is a version of a popular mode called WhatsApp. Also, Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp APAD update comes with extra security. And it lacks features that were not present in the original version of WhatsApp.

Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp apk download official latest version 2022

While WhatsApp has a lot of features, it lags in customization, but many users will want it. There are many app restrictions and no user can customize the app to their liking. If you want to customize WhatsApp, Cyber ​​​​WhatsApp is your solution.

Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp apk download

Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp apk Information

  • App Name: Cyber whatsapp
  • Android Version: 4.2 and up
  • Version: Latest Version
  • Total Downloads: 500,000+ downloads
  • app size:52MB
  • Root Required: Not Root Required
  • Main Purpose: Mod of WhatsApp
  • Last Updated: 2022.10.19
  • Download address:Cyber​​ WhatsApp APK Download

Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp general features:

  • Hide media from gallery
  • Backup restore
  • Send HD images
  • Send large media files
  • increase forward limit
  • Clear Whatsapp logs
  • Change font style
  • Change Whatsapp Icon
  • Change notification icon
  • Change Whatsapp style
  • Web Whatsapp Widget

Cyber​​​​ WhatsApp Privacy Features:

  • freeze last seen
  • look back once
  • Disable mail forwarding flag
  • who can call me
  • custom privacy
  • hide view state
  • undelete status
  • undelete message
  • Show blue tick after reply
  • Lock Whatsapp with Fingerprint/Pattern/PIN
  • Change lock/pattern wallpaper
  • Dialogue screen mod
  • Action bar
  • bubbles and ticks
  • Dialogue entry style
  • Group Management Metrics
  • Enable/disable proximity sensor
  • Confirm before sending stickers
  • New attachment selector UI
  • Custom wallpapers for each contact
  • Profile Picture Wallpaper
  • Hide date and name
  • style
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