Chat-in Instant Messenger Download

Chat-in Instant Messenger Download

Chat-in Instant Messenger download and share with everyone. This is a business social communication platform that benchmarks GBWhatsApp, and is a mobile social platform focusing on business collaboration.

The people you are looking for are here, you can contact your friends anytime, anywhere, and the real-time reading status communication is more efficient! Simple and practical personal business cards show your personality, enjoy wonderful articles and videos, and share daily highlights with one click!

Chat-in can get in touch with friends through the software at any time and interact in real time; the app supports mutual conversion of multiple languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, no matter what language you want to use, you can easily convert to meet the needs of users in different regions. need;

Chat-in Instant Messenger Download

One-click to open private chat mode, support text, picture, voice, video and other forms of interaction, especially convenient, make video calls, whether you are in a 4G, 2G or WiFi network environment, you can display the screen in high-definition, Let you video chat with your friends to the fullest without ambiguity.

App features:

Add friends, support using mobile phone numbers to add friends, and synchronize address book friends;

Interact and chat with friends anytime, anywhere, and share the joys encountered in life;

Make a unique personal business card, so that friends can remember you at a glance;

Recommend wonderful articles, there are articles in various fields, you can view the articles you want to read;

One-click to create a group chat, interest groups, relatives and friends groups, friend groups, etc. can be established;

You can join group chats established by friends and chat with more friends online;

App Features:

You can open the software at any time, interact with your favorite friends online, and send messages;

Make a voice call with one key, interact intimately, share joy, and share fun things;

Make video calls, communicate face-to-face with friends, and display high-definition pictures;

You can add multiple friends, note names and important information for friends;

Recommend corresponding articles according to the user’s preferences, and click to read the articles;

There are also short videos to watch, wonderful and funny videos, you can watch them at will;


Enter the personal center and fill in your details

Make a personal business card and upload the required information

Enter the address book interface and add contacts

Enter the friend account home page, you can view friend information

Click to send a message to open a private chat mode with a friend


1. New message push function

2. Fix known bugs