BRIWhatsApp social calling software

BRIWhatsApp social calling software

BRIWhatsApp latest version 2022 is a very popular social calling software. Users can take photos and add filters to share.

Here, you can see all your uploaded photos, the people you follow, and even track specific places and tags to see what’s going on in real time.

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Video support is provided, allowing you to capture up to 15 seconds of footage through the BRIWhatsApp network to express your life to the fullest.

Software Highlights

1. The interface is clear and concise. You can add topic chat interactions and follow users you are interested in;

2. A variety of dating modes, you can freely choose according to your own preferences, and you can freely share a good life;

3. Share pictures, videos, and life to let more people know about you.

4. Registration is very simple, you only need a mobile phone number. You can view nearby users in real time and follow them freely.

Software advantages:

1. Decorate your personal homepage into a lattice shop with satisfactory photos and videos. Enhance photos and videos with filters and creative tools, then combine multiple clips to create blockbuster movies in minutes!

2. Browse photos and videos of users you follow in your feed. Interact with posts of interest through likes and comments.

3. Share multiple photos and videos into stories. Bring content to life with text, painting tools, and other creative effects.

Software features:

1. The interface is concise and clear. You can add topics for conversations and interactions, and keep track of your favorite users.

2. Add special elements with different attribute borders to represent the perfect image.

3. Use different filters to capture the action you want to share. Dozens of shooting techniques for black users to choose from.

Software features:

1. Dynamic release: Add pictures to release life dynamics, or friends.

2. User attention: Follow your favorite users and easily understand user dynamics

3. Convenient sharing: You can share on social platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, and Qzone.

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  • hb3

    2022.8.26 07:08

    I used to be able to video chat with my family in Japan with no problem. Now the bluetooth doesn’t work anymore, the audio reception is terrible, sometimes we just end up with frustrated call pits, and the app functionality doesn’t improve much on wifi vs 5G. Really disappointing considering how awesome and useful this app used to be for me