Brand Embassy Live Chat Software

Brand Embassy Live Chat Software

Brand Embassy is a cloud-based omnichannel customer service platform that enables interactions through integrated social media, messaging, live chat and AI-powered chatbot services. Over the years, the company has ranked among the top customers who have used Brand Embassy in over 30 countries, including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Alibaba and Puma.

With offices in San Francisco, Prague and London, Brand Embassy has sales in almost every country in the Americas and Europe, thanks to its network of partners.

Among the most used social networks, Brand Embassy has WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat and more than 35 digital channels in its customer service platform, providing an excellent user experience, due to its intuitive interface, agents and customers alike enjoy using and Its agile and scalable implementation.

Brand Embassy helps companies with high customer service needs accelerate digital transformation by prioritizing and automating key parts of the customer experience, delivering human connections at scale.

Brand Embassy Live Chat Software

In this way, incoming requests and mentions from social networks, blogs and website forms are unified in a sophisticated dashboard and routed to the most appropriate customer service agent for timely attention based on rules defined in smart routing .

As conversations grow organically on social media, so does the Brand Embassy routing engine. Customers will connect with the same customer service agent throughout their entire experience and their entire relationship with the company.

It’s worth mentioning that customer profiles are a key part of internal CRM and can be easily integrated into a company’s CRM to provide agents with more customer details.

At Brand Embassy, ​​intelligent routing and customer profiles enable agents to deliver fast, personalized experiences that retain customers and build loyalty.

Key Features and Benefits:

A unified platform for connecting customer interactions from social media, email, chat, messaging platforms, website blogs and forms, video chat, and more.

Intelligent routing for automatically prioritizing inbound interactions.

Built-in customer profiles help agents build relationships.

Auto-navigate to keep track of complex and growing social segments.

Respond intelligently to generate more relevant and agile interactions.

Social listening tracks brands, competitors and keywords mentioned in forums, blogs, social networks and other external channels.

Real-time team collaboration across departments to reduce case resolution time.

Reports and dashboards to measure performance and predict future staffing needs, KPIs, sentiment, contact issues, and 50+ customer service metrics.

Brand Embassy has played a major role in the digital transformation of telecommunications, banking, retail, e-commerce and more to reduce operating costs, increase agency utility and enable human relationships at scale through digital customer service.