azwhatsapp encrypted chat without overturning the wall

azwhatsapp encrypted chat without overturning the wall

In recent years, many encrypted chat software in foreign countries have become popular, such as FMWhatsapp, Snapchat, etc. However, due to the need to overturn the wall when using foreign software, and the network is extremely unstable, the connection will be dropped after a few chats, and the money will be spent. , it’s really not necessary!


Why do foreign countries pay so much attention to the privacy and security of chat software?

In foreign countries, affected by education and the environment, people chat more freely and casually, but foreigners pay great attention to personal privacy, so it is inevitable that they will worry that chat records are maliciously screenshotted and spread, and the emergence of encrypted chat software, access to It is unanimously welcomed by the foreign public. Its high-density feature not only protects the privacy and security of users, but is also often used by governments and enterprises as a platform for confidential work exchanges.

Where there is demand, there is a market. In recent years, such encrypted chat software has also appeared in China.

azwhatsapp is such an encrypted instant chat software. For friends who have privacy and confidentiality of information, azwhatsapp can definitely be regarded as a reliable and secure chat software.

Let’s talk about it, what are the features of azwhatsapp, the ceiling of domestic secure encrypted chat?

1. Encryption algorithm

The “end-to-end encryption technology” adopted by azwhatsapp is currently one of the most confidential data transmission technologies recognized internationally. Under the layer-by-layer encryption, only users who participate in the communication can read the information content, which can better prevent potential eavesdroppers, even telecommunications providers, Internet service providers and providers of the communication system from being able to obtain them. The user’s chat content.

In the encryption level of azwhatsapp, end-to-end encryption technology is effectively used in the fields of channel encryption, content encryption, server database security, password security, etc. These applications can protect the security of users’ chat data and effectively prevent everyone from chatting. Privacy, chat content is monitored, tampered with, and leaked.

2. Multiple encryption

The device lock is like a screen saver that comes with the software. Every time you lock the screen and open it again, you need to re-enter the unlock password. In addition, the user’s login password and device lock password all adopt the SRP algorithm, and the user’s password will not be stored on the server, which can be used with peace of mind.

3. Features

1. Screenshot reminder

Whether it is a single chat or a group chat, as long as one party takes a screenshot during the chat, a reminder will be displayed in the chat interface, that is, the words [XXX took a screenshot] will appear. Chat screenshot reminder is a good way to prevent the other party from taking screenshots and using them without your knowledge.

2. Two-way delete

In a single chat, we can clear all the message records sent by ourselves and the other party in the chat interface at any time. Multiple overwrites are used when deleting, and the data cannot be recovered. In the group chat, we can also clear all the messages sent by ourselves with one click at any time, and we no longer have to worry about the social death scene of sending the wrong message.

Four, thousands of people chat

Support the creation of group chats with 10,000 people online at the same time to meet various business and office needs. The chat content in the group is protected by the technology of azwhatsapp software throughout the process to avoid the leakage of information and privacy, and the group chat can also put aside concerns and speak freely.

In recent years, encrypted chat software has gradually gained popularity, which shows that everyone is paying more and more attention to privacy protection. Therefore, when there is a chat software that does not need to overturn the wall, pays attention to user privacy, and is securely encrypted, who will miss it.

azwhatsapp software information:

  • Version:9.8.0
  • Updated on: Jul 19, 2022
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Downloads: 10,000+ downloads
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  • Released on: Jul 10, 2022
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