azar online video exchange software download

azar online video exchange software download

azar software for Android, this is a very easy to use social software, very easy to use, this software has multiple functions, you can communicate online video, you can send pictures.

you can add friends, and communicate with friends all over the world, very It is convenient, sharing interesting life stories, making it more convenient for you to make friends, and communicating without distance. Interested friends come to download and experience it.

azar software introduction:

azar online video exchange software download

1. The total number of downloads exceeds 100 million times

2. More than 10 billion friend matches

3. Officially supports 19 different languages

azar software description:

1. Connect people without distance through instant video chat, and further develop new relationships. With a swipe of your fingertips, you can roam from Beijing to Taipei, fly from Shanghai to Hong Kong, is that not enough? With one more swipe, we will take you to travel around the world and share the joy of life with other Agalle friends! Put yourself in the A different culture instead of sitting at home doing nothing.

2. Free text messages, free video calls, the latest update includes adding friends, sending text messages and video callback functions.

3. Friends list, if you can’t keep in touch with new friends, what’s the point of all this? We hear your needs! Manage your friends list easily and simply!

4. You can directly talk to others, see each other’s facial expressions and body language, and understand each other through instant video conversations. What if it’s not the right person for you? Simple, swipe to the left and another person is waiting for you.

azar software features:

1. Provide a very convenient video chat method for everyone, so that you can make friends more easily.

2. You can also search for nearby people with one key to discover the fate around you, and you can find the nearest people around at any time.

3. Posting your Moments online allows you to record your own life, and at the same time let your friends know you better.

azar software features:

1. Featured circles—release your inner shackles and show your all kinds of styles

2. Featured id wall certification – millions of real girls. Look at the high value

3. Nearby people—Accurate positioning and quick search, it only takes 1 second to help you meet beautiful and handsome men around you, and diaosi can also hold beautiful women home

4. Exact match—a variety of conditions to precisely match handsome guys and beautiful girls, 30 million members, you can find them as long as you come

azar software statement:

– Other users will only be able to view the data on your azar profile

– azar will never sell, rent and share users’ personal confidential information to any third-party partners

– Please note! Users share your personal information with other friends through azar for the user’s personal behavior

– azar will never share your exact location with any other person or third party partner