AOWhatsApp Safe Dating Chat Software

AOWhatsApp Safe Dating Chat Software

Frequent gatherings between friends can increase a lot of feelings, AOWhatsApp can see who is waiting for you in your WeChat circle of friends~, allowing you to quickly find people of interest nearby within 45 seconds, relatives in need Hurry to download and experience it!

Software introduction:

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AOWhatsApp, a social product for events and gatherings that is popular in WeChat Moments, helps you quickly find free friends in WeChat Moments, organize friends to eat, drink, play, and have fun together; find friends who are popular and participate in fun activities, Shorten the distance between friends and meet the most interesting half-acquaintances;

Software features:

Simple and convenient: help you find friends in your life who are free now;

Safe friendship: close the distance between half-acquaintances in WeChat Moments, friends of friends are the safest and most reliable;

Fun and interesting: chatting in the same city, and meeting half-acquaintances who rely on the general, the queen enjoys exclusive privileges and is fun and interesting;


【Interesting in making friends】

Each user in the community has their interest tags. These tags can quickly help everyone find common topics and get closer, and they can talk more if they have similar interests. They no longer have to worry about the difficulty of speaking. The new personalized algorithm Matching and recommending like-minded people can help each user find the exclusive one who shares the same interests more efficiently!

【Community in the same city】

Come on, show your true side boldly, record a little thing that happened around you anytime, anywhere, complain when you are in a bad mood, and share memories of that unforgettable story, no matter what kind of mood you are in, you may be caught TAs in the same city see, and at the same time, you will see more interesting people, sharing stories about them all the time, all the interesting circles in the same city as you are waiting to meet you;

【Light luxury dating】

As a gathering place for high-value single men and women, through the similarity of real people’s real faces to ensure authenticity, you can choose TA to explore life confidently, and get to know more reliable and interesting strangers in the same city. Therefore, don’t wait silently to make friends. Don’t hide in your small circle or small world, take the initiative to find other fun and create a sweet candy space together. Sweetheart world-style dating in the same city is a reliable dating software for strangers who meet in seconds. The luxury people in the platinum circle take the initiative to make an appointment to play Juyuan Park online, to have an offline teahouse massage, eat, travel, watch movies, and explain more interesting strangers who live nearby;

update content:

1. Pay attention~, the software logo is changed to black and gold

2. New experience with UI black gold theme in the software

3. Fix known issues

Software Reviews:

The older you get, the lonelier you become, because there are only so many things to play with. Wrong, many friends don’t know if you are free~ Now use the “AOWhatsApp” APP, and you can see who is waiting for you in your WeChat Moments~

AOWhatsApp is an event-gathering social product based on WeChat Moments, on which you can get closer to your friends in WeChat and meet more friends through friends.

When you are free, instead of staying at home and being bored, you might as well go to AOWhatsApp to see who is available, or post your “go to the office anytime” status and wait for your friends to come and invite you.

The activities in AOWhatsApp cover a wide range of content: singing, dancing, food, movies, travel, sports, and playing cards~

In AOWhatsApp activities, you can also meet friends of friends, which can be said to be an extremely reliable way to socialize.

It’s okay even if friends don’t have time. AOWhatsApp’s special feature “Same City Chat” allows you to quickly find people you are interested in nearby within 45 seconds~ Maybe there will be surprises!

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